Kart Classes

Motorsport UK Classes 2022


Number Plate/No. Weight kg (inc driver) Ages Tyres – Dry Tyres – Wet Comments
Bambino White/Black 69 6-8 Le Cont MSA04 Le Cont MSA04 Comer C50 MSA homologated 2-stroke engine
IAME Cadet Yellow/Black 103 8-13 Dunlop SL3 MSA KT3 Barcoded 60cc Parilla Gazelle un-sealed engine, clutch, pull starter
Honda Cadet Yellow/Red 103 8-13 Dunlop SL3 MSA KT3 Barcoded GX160 4-stroke budget engine, clutch, pull starter
Junior TKM 2S Blue/White From 123 11-16 Maxxis TKM Green F TKM As TKM with restrictor, optional clutch, optional TAG
MiniMax Yellow/Black 135 12#-15 Mojo D2 Mojo W5 CIK Restricted version of Rotax Junior Max
Junior Max Red/White 148 13-16 Mojo D2 Mojo W5 CIK Junior version of Rotax Senior Max
MiniX White/Black 136 12#-15 Komet K1H Komet K1W Restricted version of X30 Junior
X30 Junior Green/White 148 13-16 Komet K2H Komet K1W Junior version of X30 with restrictor
OK Junior Yellow/Black 142 12-16 TBA TBA Junior version of OK, these are push start karts
TKM 2S Extreme Red/White From 132 16# Maxxis TKM Green F TKM 115cc BT82, optional clutch, optional TAG
Rotax Max Blue/White 162 16# Mojo D5 Mojo W5 CIK 125cc d/drive commercial TAG class (electric start)
Rotax Max/177 Green/White 177 16# Mojo D5 Mojo W5 CIK Heavy-w’t version with 80kg min driver weight
X30 Senior Yellow/Black 164 16# Komet K2M Komet K1W Commercial TAG 125cc IAME engine, not sealed
OK Senior Yellow/Black 152 16 TBA /TBA TBA / TBA International & British Championship
Formula Libre & Clubman Various   16# Various Various Catering for economy or minority classes such as Honda Junior and Senior, World Formula and older engines


Yellow/Black 175 16 Le Cont LP

Le Cont LW CIK

International & British Championship 125cc gearbox class

KZ UK Green/White 180 16 Le Cont LP Le Cont LW CIK 125cc reed valve 6 gears with 30mm carburettor
250 National White/Black 195/200* 16+ Dunlop,Vega all CIKOption Same makes as Dry Motocross 250cc single cylinder engines, 450 4-stroke and 175 IAME 2-stroke options, 125 Open may race in this class



Key: + means 17 years minimum for long circuit racing. 2S: 2-stroke engine; 4S: 4-stroke engine (Classes are 2S unless otherwise shown)

# means year of the birthday.  OK Junior driver must hold a National A licence.

Many class regulations call for specific tyre markings on the tyres e.g. ABKC, JAG, MSA, GB etc, See Kart Race Yearbook.

Junior classes have a minimum driver weight, for safety reasons. Junior TKM 38kg & MiniMax 39, Junior Max, 42.5, and seniors for under 16’s.

Junior Max & Junior X30 may race in year of 13th birthday for experienced drivers

*250/210 Gearbox has two weights, one when short circuit or no bodywork is fitted, the heavier for when wings or long circuit bodywork is fitted.