TKM BT82 » Restrictors

Junior TKM 2-stroke

Starting age lowered to year of 11th birthday if the driver is no longer a novice and at the other end raised to end of year in which the driver has his or her 17th birthday. Novices will still have to wait until their 11th birthday.

Class structure changed to a three band weight/restrictor size to allow for equal racing across all ages and sizes This makes it easy for clubs to operate one grid of Junior TKM all on blue number plates, and simple for drivers to move up a band as they grow with age. The bands are:

Junior 128 Min tot weight 128kg Max kart weight 94kg GOLD Restrictor 20.5mm

Junior 136 Min tot weight 136kg Max kart weight 89kg BLUE Restrictor 22mm

Junior 142 Min tot weight 142kg Max kart weight 83kg PURPLE Restrictor 24mm

Junior Extreme

The former Intermediate class is now reformatted as Junior Extreme. This class will use the larger capacity 115cc TKM BT82 engine as used by seniors but with a PURPLE 24mm restrictor. The starting age in the class will be 13th birthday and it will run through to end of year in which driver has 17th birthday.

With a minimum weight of 138kg and mandatory clutch, the class will become a new premier championship category and will feature at the TKM S1 National Championships next year alongside the updated Junior TKM class.

In addition, to help the class get off to a flying start, Tal-Ko Racing will be offering major cash discounts on new engine packages for the class to all those drivers registering for the 2008 S1 TKM Junior Extreme championship.

Junior 4-stroke

Remains as now but with the addition of the new starting age of year of 11th birthday for non-novices through to end of year in which the driver is 17.